Shake up your favorite cocktail, and bring your online marketing questions and ideas.  It's time for SOCIAL Happy Hour!  

We just went from online marketing being a critical piece of your business strategy, to being essentially the ONLY way to market your business.  Where are your clients and customers right now?  At home, staying safe, getting on their computers and on social. 

Social networks have proven to be more effective than ever at exposing massive audiences to unique solutions for their problems (i.e. your products and services).

You can't afford to NOT be leveraging social networks for your business.  But it isn't as simple as creating a profile and posting. (It seems like not much is simple right now.)  So here's what we're thinking...

Let's get together to help support each other as entrepreneurs and business owners!

  • Let's talk about what's happening in your business, what's working and what's not.

  • How to build a brand that speaks loudly and clearly in a unique way across all your social network platforms.

  • WHEN to post, WHO to target, and WHY combining these things strategically is so important.

  • And of course, let's have some drinks!  (Adult or otherwise.)  😉

Space is limited.  REGISTER NOW!  See you there!

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SOCIAL Happy Hour

Let's get together & support each other as entrepreneurs & business owners!